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Aug 13, 2013 11:26 am


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PTI Sky Train Project Peshawar KPK – PTI KPK Government Projects – Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Government Performance in KPK

PESHAWAR: With growing traffic congestion irking all time high to the citizens of Peshawar, PTI’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government decides a landmark project for Peshawar City.

According to officials, the project would require, however, massive funding and would provide relief to locals regarding traffic flow. “The World Bank has shown interest in starting the Sky Train project in the provincial capital of the province,” they further said.

The provincial government has planned to run ‘Sky Train from Chamkani to Hayatabad area of the city.

Senior Minister Jamat e Islami JI Sirajul Haq has confirmed that the provincial government is planning the launching of sky train for which the World Bank has shown interest.


PTI Skytrain Peshawar KPK


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  1. Humayun khan Author May 2, 2015 01:27 pm

    PTI IMRAN KHAN is doing very good job in kpk but some ppl are jahil they don't understand them,kpk gov has cleared police from politics it's a grate change in histry of pakistan 2ndly kpk police is giving traning to islamabad police,so plz phly socho pir samjo or phir kaho

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  2. IQRA Author Jan 13, 2015 10:10 am

    imran khans KPK perfomence is better than all other provinces of Pakistan bt it is criticized by its opponents cos they dnt want him 2 be the next PM of Pakistan and they cntinue to lower his fame among people

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  3. zain Author Oct 20, 2014 02:52 pm

    dont agree with you ahzam imran khan is not even a pakistani bcz our country is suffering from foreign attacks and he just enjoying with the glamour of peshawar and islamabad . this is not a change when the daughters of our country came to streets of isl and say, "marry me imran".Is this is the change pakistan. want

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  4. Bahadar Khan Author Sep 5, 2014 12:04 pm

    Many foreign entreprenures/companies might be willing to invest in this project only if the KPK govt shows their interest. All it needs is a beginning. Can you believe that our stale and stagnant bureaucracy with its simple B.A. level qualification (who all their life memorize some basic English essays with heckneyed topics) will ever have the guts and future vision to do this. Perhaps never. How can one expect such a things from those who have the free luxury of official vehicles the entire length of their careers in Pakistan even the thought will never come to these arrogant minds to plan such a project (even on paper) for the common man of the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who are fed up with traffic on the GT road all the way from Chamkani to Hayatabad which is the heartland of Peshawar. Common man is a non person, and something non-existing breed. When that auspicious day would come when we will see that whosoever in the government will think about lunching a metro train all the way from Chamkani to Hayatabad on the GT Road will be marvel him as hero. But are there any person amongst us whether he a techinical bureaucrat, just bureaucrat or politician sincere enough to even think about it.

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  5. ابرار خان Author May 26, 2014 12:00 am

    In how many years it will be complet? 10 at least.

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