ICC T20 World Cup 2014 Matches Schedule Fixtures

Mar 20, 2014 10:08 pm
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ICC World Twenty 20, 2014 Bangladesh Matches Schedule Fixtures – International Cricket Council World Twenty 20 in Bangladesh 2014 Matches Time Table in Detail – ICC World Twenty 20 will take place in Bangladesh Starting from 16th March 2014 to 6th April 2014 in BD Cities Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet –  ICC 20 20 World Cup 2014 Super 10 Matches Schedule, Time Table, Fixtures in Pakistan Standard Time ( PST ), India Standard Time ( ITS ), GMT Match Start Time


21 March 2014Pakistan Vs IndiaMirpur18:3019:0013:30
22 March 2014KSA Vs Sri LankaChittagong14:3015:3009:30
22 March 2014England Vs NZChittagong18:3019:0013:30
23 March 2014Pak Vs AusMirpur14:3015:0009:30
23 March 2014India Vs West IndiesMirpur18:3019:0013:30
24 March 2014New Zealand Vs South AfricaChittagong14:3015:0009:30
24 March 2014Sri Lanka Vs TBC(Qualifier B1)Chittagong18:3019:0013:30
25 March 2014WI Vs TBC(Qualifier A1)Mirpur18:3019:0013:30
27 March 2014South Africa Vs TBC(Qualifier B1)Chittagong14:3015:0009:30
27 March 2014England Vs Sri LankaChittagong18:3019:0013:30
28 March 2014Australia Vs West IndiesMirpur14:3015:0009:30
28 March 2014Ind Vs TBC(Qualifier A1)Mirpur18:3019:0013:30
29 March 2014New Zealand Vs TBC(Qualifier B1)Chittagong14:3015:0009:30
29 March 2014England Vs South AfricaChittagong18:3019:0013:30
30 March 2014Pakistan Vs TBC(Qualifier A1)Mirpur14:3015:0009:30
30 March 2014Australia Vs IndiaMirpur18:3019:0013:30
31 March 2014Eng Vs TBC(Qualifier B1)Chittagong14:3015:0009:30
31 March 2014New Zealand Vs SLChittagong18:3019:0013:30
1st April 2014Australia Vs TBC(Qualifier A1)Mirpur14:3015:0009:30
1st April 2014Pakistan Vs West IndiesMirpur18:3019:0013:30
3rd April 2014TBC Vs TBC(1st Group 1 Vs 2nd Group 2)Mirpur18:3019:0013:30
4th April 2014TBC Vs TBC(1st Group 2 Vs 2nd Group 1)Mirpur18:3019:0013:30
6th April 2014FinalMirpur18:3019:0013:30


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    Pak jeete ga insha Allah

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    Sri lanka wining the T20 word cup

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